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October 2006

November Editorial

Dear Reader,

A most shining moment in Munich will take place when the new synagogue on Jakobsplatz is dedicated on November 9, a date carefully and appropriately chosen to remember the Kristallnacht pogroms of 1938. The dedication will be a fitting, wonderful end to the long Odyssey that is the painful and dramatic past of our Jewish community: The Jewish community will, once again, be a visible part of Munich society. I wish the members of the Jewish community peaceful, fear-free times on Jakobsplatz, and look forward to the new and creative influence it will have on the city: the kind of matter-of-course mark this community made before it was ostracized and then persecuted by the Nazis.

Unfortunately, after 60 years, respect for foreigners and other minorities does not always go without saying, a fact of which a few obstinate politicians in the city quarter of Giesing are proof: Under the guise of "terrorism risk," they are trying to thwart the construction of a mosque for followers of Islam. It is fatal when religion is dictated by the politics of the country in which it is practiced, and when that kind of malfeasance is not recognized. A bit of enlightenment would go a long way here.

I hope you'll find our multi-faceted offerings interesting this month: We've put together a diverse selection of reports on indoor activities for raw November days. Even the Muniquiz--a relatively new feature, which draws, to our delight, a lot of spirited participation--carries an "indoor" theme. And, because last month's quiz about the sunken church was a pretty tough nut to crack, we have made this month's a bit easier!

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