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October 2006

Jewish Culture Days

The tragedy of centuries of diaspora had at least one positive consequence for the world's Jewish population: With more than 13 million members scattered across the globe, the Jewish religion has an attendant culture more varied and vibrant than most. The Association for the Advancement of Jewish Culture and Tradition will highlight the diversity of Jewish life and history with a series of events during Jewish Culture Days in Munich, from November 19 to 29. Presented in conjunction with the dedication of the new synagogue on Jakobsplatz, the series is a part of the revivification of Jewish life in the city. (See our Landmark feature for more on this theme.) Several venues will host lectures on modern Jewish painters, performances of Sephardic music and "kosher gospel," as well as more sobering considerations of the dark side of Jewish history. A full listing of events and locations is available here. Tickets will cost € 5-20.

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