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April 2007

Bayreuth Easter Festival

The Bayreuth Easter Festival is a chance to enjoy world-class music in the city’s ornate Opera House without the crush of visitors that flock to the annual Wagner Festival. Since 1994, the city has organized a springtime music festival featuring classical spectaculars, jazz brunches, and salon orchestra concerts. In the spirit of Easter peace, they also invite musicians from crisis regions such as North Korea, Iraq, Israel, and Palestine to take part. A full schedule of performances is available at see One highlight of the program is the first-ever performance of an opera during the festival. “Prima la musica e poi le parole,” by Antonio Salieri, will be staged in the Opera House on April 14 and 15. Tickets are available by calling 0921 690 01, or through Bayreuth is located 2.5 hours by train outside of Munich and travel there is covered by the € 19 BayernTicket.

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