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June 2007

The Jakobsplatz Orchestra

The opening of the Jewish cultural complex on St. Jakobsplatz was a powerful sign of the return of Jewish life to the city center. It is a place to experience Jewish culture—both for Jews and non-Jews alike. Exhibits and events at the Jewish Museum go a long way towards bringing city residents together in dialogue. In 2005, some younger members of Munich’s Israelite Cultural Community decided to share Jewish culture through the universal language of music, and founded the Jakobsplatz Orchestra. The group’s short history has already been filled with impressive collaborations and achievements. The Bavarian Staatsschauspiel, Anne-Sophie Mutter, and the Budapest Jewish Summer Festival are only a few of those with whom they have worked. On June 17 and 18, the orchestra will perform with members of the Bavarian Staatsoper. One of the world’s only Jewish liturgical works, “Service Sacre” by Darius Milhaud, will make its Munich debut in the Hubert-Burda Room of the Jewish Community Center. Tickets are on sale for € 10 and € 20 through Munich Ticket.

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