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June 2007

Classic for Kids

In response to dire forecasts of the dying out of concert-goers, the Bavarian Rundfunk Orchestra has launched a program to introduce younger audiences to classical music. Whether by visiting a concert featuring both Mozart and hip hop, or even performing alongside seasoned musicians, Munich kids can get a taste of the local classical scene, and hopefully turn it into a lifelong passion. This June, the program will feature a performance of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Students from the Bavarian Theater Academy will bring Shakespeare’s nymphs and fairies to life, cavorting to the Rundfunk Orchestra’s performance. The show will be staged on Thursday, June 14, at 7 pm, and Friday, June 15, at 10 am and at noon. It is recommended for teens ages 13 to 16. They must pay € 8 for tickets, and adults pay € 18.

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