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June 2007

Olympic Park Tours

Our May issue featured a comprehensive summary of the best tours of the city center. (The article is available online at This month, tour season begins a bit farther afield, in Olympic Park. The historical richness, architectural innovation, and pure beauty of the site make it a necessary stop on any touring itinerary. The best way to experience all of the site’s attractions is through a 90-minute “Adventure Tour.” Departing each day at 2 pm from the Info-Pavilion, the tour makes its way to the Stadium, Olympiahalle, and swimming pool. Informed and friendly guides share the background history and salacious secrets throughout the trip. Tickets cost € 8 for adults, and € 5.50 for children and students. To get an overview in the true sense of the word, there’s no better or more breathtaking option than the famous Roof Tour of Olympic Stadium. As the name suggests, participants get a chance to experience the famous tent-like architecture of the stadium up close and underfoot. Tour guides explain the architecture and history of the site while the sloping hills of the park and the Alps act as a backdrop. The tour leaves each day at 2:30 pm from the North Stadium Ticket Office, and a special sunset tour will start at 7:30 pm until August 31. Prior registration is mandatory for each, and tickets cost € 35 for adults, and € 25 for children over ten and students. Those who can’t handle heights, but have an interest in the stadium’s history may opt for the normal walking tour, which leaves the North Ticket Office at 11 am each day. Tickets cost € 6 for adults, and € 4 for kids and students. Call 30 67 24 14 or email to register.

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