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March 2003

Did You Know that...

>>>Every first Tuesday of the month, the Amerika Haus puts on a literary evening, where people have the opportunity to discuss English and American literature in an informal environment. The first one will be on April 1 at 6 pm, and will focus on the work of the American author Binnie Kirshenbaum, whose latest novel will be presented there on the preceding Tuesday, March 25.

>>>Who doesn’t know what it feels like to discover suddenly that your wallet/purse/pair of mittens are missing? Now there is a virtual Fundbüro to help you locate your lost belongings. At, people have the opportunity to type in a query (giving color, size and a short description) and have virtual feelers search the central database in a matter of minutes.

>>>Finally, there is a way to find out whether you really are paying the cheapest rates for phone calls in Germany. Every Tuesday the Abendzeitung publishes a small, updated list of the best telephone rates on offer, starting at just 1 cent a minute.

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