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March 2003

Ringing the Changes

Attention fashion aficionados! Mobile phones may be useful, but for many owners their appearance is just as important as their function. Siemens Mobile in Munich has understood the value of creating attractive cell phones and developed a new range called XELIBRI. They are currently being launched as a fashion accessory that can be used to make phone calls. The president of XELIBRI, George Appling, envisages people “wearing the phone that matches their mood, the occasion or their attire,” which will certainly increase the demand for multiple phone ownership. The devices will be sold primarily via department stores and fashion retailers with two phones in the spring/summer collection and two phones in the fall/winter collection. Each one has a life cycle of 12 months and will be available in limited quantities. At a time when design is a top purchase criterion, Siemens Mobile has chosen a perfect moment to introduce their radical new designs. XELIBRI will be sold initially in Germany, the UK, China (including Hong Kong), France, Italy, Singapore and Spain from April 2003, and elsewhere as of September 2003.

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