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March 2003

Act One

Here Be Clams! is a new English-language theater company based in Munich. Their debut production “The Day Tim Stood Still” has been created in collaboration with Das Schloss and will be premiered at their location in the Olympic Park (Schwere-Reiter-Str. 15) on March 1. It will run until April 30, starting daily at 8 pm. The play is a sci-fi comedy, addressing serious issues in a playful, thought-provoking manner and was tailor-made for Munich’s newest and most exciting venue. With echoes of Dr. Who, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and the work of Stephen Hawking, the play conjures up a fantastical sci-fi multiverse, the scene of the dawn of time and space, and the genesis of comedy, tragedy, intellect and libido. This exotic and adventurous production is by Carlton Bunce and Paul Swendsen and is directed by Paul Swendsen. Tickets are available at (089) 54 81 81 81.

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