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July 2004

Sweet Sensations

Chill out at Munich's favorite ice-cream parlors

Lenbachplatz 8
Tel. (089) 54 59 49–0
Open Mon.–Sat. 8 am–12 pm;
Sun. 9 am–12 pm
dinner reservations recommended

Surrounded by some of Munich’s most majestic architecture at the bustling city center, Mövenpick im Künstlerhaus is set just far enough back from the rush that one can absorb it all in comfort. Customers, as diverse as the city itself, range from students, to business people, to English ladies drinking tea. And, of course, there are the summer tourists drawn in by the name Mövenpick, which is synonymous with quality. And, for the record, the 15 ice-cream flavors on offer are indeed superb! Though you can buy most Mövenpick ice cream in the supermarket, eating a scoop of, say, caramelita—which the author would venture to claim is just about the best caramel ice cream around—with whipped cream beats domestic consumption every time. In fact its plum location, in the Künstlerhaus, in a chandelier-adorned rotunda, provides an opulent atmosphere in which to enjoy a wide range of culinary delights. In addition to world-famous ice cream, Mövenpick serves breakfast, a Mediterranean-inspired lunch and dinner menu (including an impressive anti-pasti bar), Sunday brunch and a delectable array of confections created by an in-house Austrian baker. Like a fresh breeze blowing through Munich’s customer-service desert, your experience at Mövenpick will be a treat.
Food **** Service **** Atmosphere ****

Nymphenburger Strasse 155
Tel. (089) 15 53 14
Open daily 9 am–11 pm;
closed over Christmas

There is something to be said for experience. At Sarcletti 125 years of it goes into every scoop. Reputed to have Munich’s broadest selection of ice cream, Sarcletti boasts a repertoire of over 150 varieties, with 60 flavors available on any given day. Sarcletti remains true to the Italian gelateria tradition by offering such popular favorites as Malaga, mocca and tiramisu. But to keep things interesting they also have experimental flavors, such as tomato, avocado and poppy seed, as well as their very popular liqueur sorbets, champagne, Campari-orange and caipirinha. If you like your ice cream in jumbo portions with all the trimmings, Sarcletti can’t be beat. For the nut-lover the “McKnack” (€ 5.50) is truly an experience. It features generous scoops of Carapino, Baci, walnut and almond ice cream, whole hazelnuts, chocolate liqueur, whipped cream, pistachio nut sprinkles and a sweet wafer garnish. And for the ravenous crowd of four or more, the gargantuan “Coppa Bombastico” (€ 29.50) is an unparalleled concoction of just about everything you can imagine, as the name would suggest. Sarcletti attracts a full and diverse crowd of shoppers, beer-garden-goers, local residents and Nymphenburg-bound tourists. And if the wait staff is just a bit rushed trying to manage it all, then that’s part of the experience at one of Munich’s oldest and most popular ice- cream establishments.
Food **** Service ** Atmosphere ***

Hohenzollernplatz 1
Tel. (089) 308 78 47
Open Mon.–Sat. 8:30 am–11 pm;
Sun. 9:30 am–11 pm

Nestled along the Hohenzollernplatz pedestrian zone, Gelateria Café 4D’s neighborhood charm invites passersby. Though in business only since March, Café 4D has quickly become a meeting point for local residents and shoppers. The newly renovated interior with its imported Italian light fixtures and dark wooden molding, freshly painted white walls and occasional potted plant evokes the simple elegance of a Mediterranean café. Outdoors the expansive patio is protected from the street-side hustle by a grove of shady trees. One could quite easily mistake Café 4D for a traditional Italian family business. In fact, however, it is part of an international ice-cream chain that has a handful of locations in Germany and a strong foothold in South America. The ice cream is made on the premises and doesn’t disappoint. On offer are 25 flavors, most of which are the traditional staples. Of note is a surprisingly extensive menu of ice-cream dishes. Starting for as little as € 4.40, specialities range from a traditional banana split (€ 5.50), to the decadent Heisse Liebe (hot love) (€ 5.60) loaded with chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream, and topped with generous chocolate chunks. A healthier option is the Fitness Becher (€ 5.90), consisting of yogurt ice cream and fresh seasonal fruit. Regardless of your taste or mood, you’ll certainly find something to please at Gelateria Café 4D.
Food *** Service *** Atmosphere ***

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