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July 2004

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“Without music, life would be a mistake.” Friedrich Nietzsche

This month MUNICH FOUND presents a selection of great musicians from around the world, all of whom, fortunately for us, live and perform regularly in Munich.

American Kamary Phillips performs his own material solo and as a duo, trio or with a band. Following the success of his first album, Phillips released his second album, “Every Little Thing,” earlier this year. As a songwriter he has collaborated with other songwriters in England, Sweden, Germany and the US and has written numbers with Xavier Naidoo. Phillips has numerous gigs lined up over the summer, including the Radio Gong event at the Chinese Tower in the English Garden on August 21.

World music/funk/fusion
Dean Wilmington: Didgeridoos, from Australia; Dim Schlichter: Percussion, from the US; Fritz Kronthaler: Bass clarinet, saxophone, from Austria
These three termites, from three very different termite mounds, have met in the Bavarian bush to build an authentic tower of sound, color and soul. Whether playing their own material or performing wacky cover versions, they certainly have a unique sound. They play gigs at various locations in Munich and will be performing at German and European festivals this summer. Check their Website for details.

Independent rock/guitar pop
Brandon Bichler: Lead vocals, rhythm guitar, from the US; Tony O’Connor: Lead guitar, backing vocals, from Ireland; Billy Christie: Bass guitar, harmonica, from Scotland; Tim Kalbitzer: Drums, percussion, from Germany
Sub Ether Radio won the Hard Rock Cafe Battle of the Bands 2003 and are currently recording their first album. Catch them at StuStaCulum, Tunix, the Hard Rock Cafe, Substanz and Zic Zac.

Jazz vocalist
Evans is from the UK and celebrated her 25th jazz jubilee in 2003. Over the years she has run her own jazz club, recorded six jazz CDs and performed all over the world. Her new CD will be released in September and features mainly European composers. She sings a wide variety of songs, from standard numbers to her own material and has performed everywhere from Stadelheim Prison to Moscow’s Tchaikovsky Hall and most recently at Gerhard Schröder’s 60th birthday party. Evans performs at the Unterfahrt Jazz Club every six weeks (the next date is July 9) and at Café Deller twice a month (but not in the summer).

Peter Gielgen: Vocals, from Spain and Germany; Erin Perry: Vocals, from the US; Charly Leimer: Keyboards, from Germany; Christian Schwarzbach: Guitar, from Germany; Joe Warrlich: Bass, from Germany; Juergen Weishaupt: Drums, from Germany
Rad Pack play at the Nacht Café and the Bayerischer Hof Nightclub and perform covers. Watch out for their very special rendition of “Sweet Transvestite.”

Blues/gospel vocalist
American Albert C. Humphrey is a busy man. He performs with his Backyard Blues Band, his Roots of Blues band, his Voices of Gospel choir and with Michael Alf at numerous locations and festivals, including the Lustspielhaus and Jazzclub Unterfahrt. He is already booked up for some big Christmas concerts. Check the Website for more information about this talented man.

Trevor Morriss: Mandolin, mandola, guitar, vocals, from the UK; Paul Stowe: Acoustic and steel-body guitars, harmonica, vocals, from the US; Obi Barthmann: 5-string banjo, from Germany; Andre Schulz: Contra bass, from Germany
This acoustic music group has entertained audiences throughout Europe and in the US since Morriss and Stowe founded the group 18 years ago. They have performed all over Europe, from pubs and festivals to a packed square in Verona. They play covers and their own material, and Paul also performs solo. Check their Website for information about upcoming gigs.

Kevin “Vitello Tonnato” Barnes: Vocals, from the UK; Mariette “Etta Zucchini” Radtke: Vocals, from Germany; Jochen “Jo Zucchini” Proske: Tenor, altosax, vocals, from Germany; Rainer “Rinaldo Zucchini” Sell: Trombone, vocals, from Germany; Charly “Carlo Zucchini” Thomass: Piano, from Germany; Eugen “Eugenio Zucchini” Apostolidis: Bass, from Greece; Wolfgang “Lupo Zucchini” Meiler: Drums, from Germany; Reinhard “Rinaldinio Zucchini” Greiner: Trumpet, from Germany
Founded by Barnes in 1993, the Zucchinis have played over 600 concerts across Europe and have recorded three CDs. Their 1950s and 1960s swing gets even the most conservative of people strutting their stuff on the dance floor. For details about where you can see them next, visit their Website.

Mark Desmond: Lead vocals, keyboards, from Germany; Luke Strugger: Lead guitar, backing vocals, from Germany; Marinko Radedic: Bass, backing vocals, from Croatia; Michael Pillukat: Drums, from Germany; Rainer Bernrieder: Guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals, from Germany
United Crash play regular gigs at the Schwabinger Podium and have summer concerts lined up at various festivals, including the Schwabinger Strassenfest on July 24. Check their Website for dates and venues.

American Hooks plays alto-, tenor- and soprano saxophones, the flute and the clarinet and is a songwriter and composer. A few of his many high points include playing with The Weather Girls and The Ink Spots as well as being featured on TV shows, such as Seinfeld. His band, Too Cold, merge elements of jazz, blues, funk, Latin and rock to create melodic, instrumental music. See the man in action on August 29, when he performs at the Lustspielhaus with Albert C. Humphrey.

Erin Perry: Lead vocals, from the US; Jim Foitik: Bass guitar, from the US; Andreas Keller: Drums, from Germany; Jorg Raabe: Hammond organ, keyboards, from Germany; Christian Schwarzbach: Guitar, from Germany
The Erin Perry Band performs at the Hard Rock Cafe and Hide Out. They play covers and their own material, and singer Perry has been compared to Janis Joplin, Melissa Ethridge and Anastasia. Catch them this summer at the Volksfest in Neufahrn on July 12 or at The Hut in Frasdorf on July 16.

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