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Bibliophile Architecture

July 14–October 16:
An exhibition at the architecture section of the Pinakothek der Moderne will dedicate itself to the history and extraordinary requirements of book houses.

Library Cottbus 276x

Since ancient times libraries have served as sites of cultural remembrance and belong to the oldest building types altogether. The world's most renowned architects from Michelangelo and Friedrich Schinkel to modern masters such as Le Corbusier and builder duo Herzog & de Meuron, have developed their individual interpretations of libraries. Stressing the outstanding role of these buildings in architectural history, the exhibition "Die Weisheit baut sich ein Haus" (Wisdom builds itself a house) will present a typology of libraries and illuminate various theories on how to organize and store knowledge. The show will also show video clips on libraries featured in films, as well as blueprints of buildings that were never realized. For more information, visit


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