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Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller

April 13–July 18:
The Haus der Kunst will present sound sculptures by a Canadian artist duo.

Cardiff 276x

Influenced by radio plays, film, literature and theater as well as the visual arts, artist couple Cardiff and Miller have developed an unique oevre of sound sculptures over the years. Toying with background noises, the Canadian duo often disrupts the connection between places and the sounds, which are primarily associated with the site. For instance, visitors of the Haus der Kunst exhibition will enter the reconstruction of a 1940s movie theater, however, instead of a movie soundtrack, the focus of listeners will be lead to such common noise interferences as the rustling bags of popcorn, whispers or the ring of a mobile phone. 

Another installation will reinterpret Kafka's short story "In the Penal Settlement" and put it into context with contemporary death penalties in the US. The eight sound installations, which are on loan from the private Goetz Collection, will on display simultaneously to the exhibition "Sound and Silence" compiling video works with strong soundtracks. For more information, visit

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