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Why I Never Became a Dancer

September 29–April 1:
Private collector Ingvild Goetz will continue her Haus der Kunst collaboration with a selection of video installations dealing with adolescence and youth culture.

Tracey Emin 276x

According to Ingvild Goetz, every generation develops its own cult—a new teenage slang, a certain style of music and fashion, even a preference for a unique drug. All of these aspects also define the social behavior patterns of young people in public and in private. A dozen of video installations by artists including Rosemarie Trockel, Ryan Treoartins and Doug Aitken, will present a broad range of approaches to grasp this particular phase of life. "Why I Never Became a Dancer" is the second exhibition of Munich art connoisseur, Goetz, in the former air-raid shelters of the Haus der Kunst. For more information, visit


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