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Drawers in Rome

February 2–May 13:
The State Graphic Collection will draw from its rich archive and will assemble drawings produced in Rome between 1550 and 1700.

Carracci 276x

The High Baroque was one of the most artistically productive eras in the Western World and its unchallenged center was Rome for more than a century. This concentration of artists in the Tiber city was mostly due to an easing towards artistic expression by the Roman Catholic Church as opposed to the ongoing controversy of Protestant Reformers throughout Europe. Innumerous artists from all over Italy, Germany and the Netherlands suddenly flocked to Rome and enjoyed the admiration of Rome's art connoisseurs. An exhibition at the graphic section of the Pinakothek der Moderne will now introduce to the most important protagonists of the time by exhibiting more than 150 exceptional drawings. Among the presented artists will be Alessandro Turchi, Frederico Zuccari, Paul Bril and many others. For more information, visit


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