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Goetz Collection at Haus der Kunst

April 10–September 4:
For the next several years the Haus der Kunst will collaborate with Munich's most exciting private art collector—Ingvild Goetz.



In 1993, art collector Ingvild Goetz started to assemble videos and film installations. Since then her collection has grown into Europe's most important compilation of new media art. Luckily, Goetz is also one of very few private collectors who acknowledge their obligation to publicly display their acquisitions. In 1992, she even built a museum of her own located in Munich’s district Oberföhring—the Sammlung Goetz (Goetz Collection). However, the museum's opening hours and exhibition spaces are limited and visitors are required to register previous to their visit.

In order to make the broad range of art comprised in Goetz's collection even more easily accessible to the public, Ingvild Goetz and the Haus der Kunst have come to an arrangement of mutual benefits. The Haus der Kunst will provide unique exhibition rooms: 13 chambers in the museum's basement that used to serve as air-raid shelters. Goetz herself will curate the first two exhibitions, which will change every six months. Thereafter, Goetz will give the curators of the museum free hand in assembling an inspiring mix of installations.



The first exhibition "Aschemünder" (Mouths of Ashes) will loosely refer to the former purpose of the new exhibition spaces: Goetz has chosen a series of installations all dealing with war, dictatorship, torture and persecution. Among the presented artists will be David Claerbout, Rosemarie Trockel and Mona Hatoum. For more information, visit

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