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Organizing the World

June 10–September 11:
Californian artist Matt Mullican will present his attempts to grasp the world through encyclopedias and hypnosis at Haus der Kunst.



For the past 35 years, Matt Mullican has dedicated his artist life to explaining the world—or at least our perception of it. By using diverse techniques—drawing, photography, video and sculpture—he constantly develops a personal cosmology. His exhibitions are temporary results of his venture and often lead to refreshing or even surprising new perceptions of everyday life that suddenly appear in Mullican's subjective context of meaning. Another means of deeper understanding are Mullican's hypnosis performances during which the artist himself carries out the instructions of a hypnotist. Mullican will present his trance experiment only once in Munich, though: on July 10 at 7 pm. For more information, visit

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