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The Temples of Naga

Through July 31:
For the past fifteen years a German team of archeologists have been excavating and restoring an ancient city in the desert of Sudan, the result of which will be on display in Munich for the first time.

Naga 276x
In 1844, archeologist Richard Lepsius of Berlin was the first to take stock of a ruin site in the Sudan desert. His publication on the Königsstadt Naga (Royal City Naga) remained the only scientific documentation of the ancient area. It was only 150 years later, in 1994, that researchers of the Egyptian Museum in Berlin were commissioned by the Sudan to resume archeological excavations in Naga.

The project turned out to be one of the country's most successful archeological ventures reassessing the historical importance of the area, which often was neglected in favor of Pharaonic Egypt. The Munich State Collection of Egyptian Art will be the first museum (even previous to Berlin) to display 130 finds from the excavation site—mostly a temple ruins built about 2000 years ago during the Meroitic kingdom. For more information, visit

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