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John Pawson

March 1–May 20:
By giving a platform to the buildings and interior designs of British man John Pawson, the architecture section of the Pinakothek der Moderne will celebrate super minimalism to its perfection.

Pawson 1 276x

© Jens Weber
Long before John Pawson became an acclaimed architect, he was fascinated by the principles of simplicity promoted in Buddhism and Japanese culture. Inspired by his early fascination Pawson's first designs already showed a unique mastery of lucidity,  and soon the young purveyor of simplicity was considered to be one of the great minds of contemporary architecture. With such a spiritual background it is not surprising that a new Cistercian monastery and the reconstruction of the St. Moritz Church in Augsburg can be found among his celebrated constructions. Apart from photographs and models of his architecture and design objects, the exhibition will also introduce to Pawson's world of thought that have paved the way to his simple style. For more information, visit

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