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Resonance and Silence

April 13–September 9:
In collaboration with the Goetz Collection, the Haus der Kunst will show a series of videos with a strong sound design.

Sound Silence 276x

Without a soundtrack, many moving pictures would loose a decisive aspect of their emotional pull. Often, however, viewers do not even realize this strong tool, but are rather influenced subliminally. While an almost unperceived soundtrack may be the aim of many feature films, many video artists prefer to toy with the balance between images and sound. Francis Alys, for instance, explores the disturbing noises of dog barking, while Christian Marclay has humorously compiled film clips of actors picking up the telephone. Other films of the exhibition will experiment with the absence of sound or the dissociation of images and their natural noises. The exhibition will be on show simultaneously to video installations by Canadian artists couple Janet Cardiff and Georges Bures Miller. For more information, visit


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