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Wilhelm Sasnal

February 3–May 13:
Young Polish artist, Wilhelm Sasnal, belongs to the new generation of painters, who have realized the potential of expressing themselves on canvas.



When Sasnal began his studies at the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts, his assignments to imitate 19th century stills and nude portraits appeared strange to the aspiring artist. This approach toward painting seemed unworldly to Sasnal and soon led him to an entirely opposite notion of the genre. Freeing himself of any boundaries, Sasnal started to captivate his surroundings and contemporary influences on canvas and still searched for an art historical linking that applied to his imagery. With this new concept in mind Sasnal has created intriguing pieces that feature anything from cartoons and power plants to details of the Concorde plane crash in the year 2000 and portraits of Japanese Tsunami survivors.

Since Okwui Enwezor, the new director of the Haus der Kunst, will present his first exhibition only this October, the Sasnal show still belongs to the rich legacy, the former director Chris Dercon has left behind before leaving for the London Tate Modern. For more information, visit

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