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Sculptural Acts

November 11–February 12:
Six artists interpreting their profession as sculptors in an unorthodox style will be represented as part of a group exhibition compiled by the Haus der Kunst.



Commonly sculptures are installed at exhibitions as mere objects to be contemplated on. In the past decades, however, a couple of artists have distanced themselves from the familiar notion of sculptures as autonomous units. Instead, they have started to perceive the entire process until a piece is finished as an act of art. Michael Beutler, for example, always displays the machines with which he has crafted his pieces along with his exhibits. Alexandra Bircken on the other hand reflects the social context of her chosen materials. Further approaches towards "Sculptural Acts" will be presented by Phyllida Barlow, Vincent Fecteau, Anita Leisz and Kimberly Sexton. For more information, visit

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