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Stairs of Song

June 26, 12 pm–6 pm:
The musically outstanding Stuttgart Vocalist ensemble will perform on the main stairs of the Pinakothek der Moderne contemporary political songs that have been especially composed for the event.

Escalier du Chant 276x

German artist Olaf Nicolai has developed a rather exceptional "sound installation" for the Pinakothek der Moderne. At the beginning of this year, Nicolai commissioned contemporary composers to write a-cappella songs that would deal with current political issues. Each of the songs are presented by the Stuttgart Vocalists as world premieres on one Sunday every month throughout 2011. On Sunday June 26, the installation will come to life with the help of composers Tony Conrad, James Saunders and Elliot Sharp. Sharp's song "Nakba Day" deals with the protest of Palestinians against the foundation anniversary of Israel held each year on    May 15, while Saunders has incorporated protests of British students against the policy of savings on education. Conrad has created a series of songs dealing with political topics related to the USA. All songs will be performed randomly between noon and 6 pm for the visitors of the Pinakothek der Moderne. In the coming months, the installation "Escalier du Chant" will take place on July 31, August 28 and September 25, and at the end of the year Nicolai hopes to have compiled a collection of songs chronicling the year of 2011. For more information, visit


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