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Naked Nation

October 2–January 10:
The Pinakothek der Moderne will dedicate an exhibition to the latest efforts of Munich artist Thomas Steffl.

Thomas Steffl 276x

In 2000, Thomas Steffl graduated from the Munich Academy of Fine Arts and has carved out an excellent career  since then. Solo exhibitions of Steffl's work have been on display in Frankfurt, Berlin and London. After a 2005 show, the Pinakothek der Moderne will provide a platform for the work of the local artist for the second time. In his latest video installations and sculptures, Steffl explores the relations between the human body, nature and society. Steffl especially focuses on the longing of many urbanites to live a more authentic, maybe even more "natural" life leaving behind the constraints of civilization. Images taken from naturist magazines and footage of nudes carrying wooden beams present the human body in different contexts revealing how the conception of naturalness and artificiality are only a fragile and ever-changing reference system. For more information, visit


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