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Twilight of the Gods

Through October 16:
In commemoration of the 125th anniversary of the death of Swan King Ludwig II, Herrenchiemsee will present an exhibition at parts of the palace's premises that have never been open to the public before!

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King Ludwig II is one of the most flamboyant figures of Bavarian history. With little interest in warfare or politics in general, Ludwig II mostly dedicated his life to art and architecture. His enthusiasm for Wagner operas is legendary and Neuschwanstein Castle has become probably the world's most famous palace. During his lifetime, Ludwig's fantastic architectural visions drowned millions. Today though, his palaces draw millions of visitors each year and have long become a source of income for the Bavarian state. Also, only few are familiar with the fact that all of Ludwig's ventures featured the most modern technical inventions in the field of electricity and chemistry. Arranged like a five-act opera, the exhibition "Götterdämmerung" (Twighlight of the Gods) at Herrenchiemsee Palace will give a comprehensive overview of King Ludwig's life, his mysterious death and his architectural projects, including video animations of imaginative constructions that were never realized. Visiting the exhibition will also be a rare opportunity to access a part of the palace that was never finished and consequently closed for the public. For more information, visit


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