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Sir Peter Jonas

Director of the Bavarian State Opera (1993-2006)
First chairman of the German Opera Conference:

Forget the burps: Kranz serves only “Bio” food expertly cooked in gentle fusion style. The lunch menu is a good value, and the spectacular evening á la carte is pricey but worth it. The most easily digestible food in Bavaria fills the house every evening so book ahead.
Hans-Sachs-Str. 12, Phone: (089) 21 66 82 50

Revisit our classical Greek and Roman roots and have a quick snack or sip a cappuccino among the treasures of antiquity. One of the great museums of the world without the hype, fuss, queues or arty-farty pretensions, it suggests the intimacy of your own villa up in the Roman hills.
Königstplatz 3, Phone: (089) 28 80 83 80

Makes Munich feel urbane. Topping Maximilianstrasse‘s golden kilometer, this Italian eatery is transformed in summer when its courtyard makes it the best al fresco locale in town. Glitterati, Schicki-Mickis and theater rats like myself are all made to feel at home.
Maxinilianstr. 40, Phone: (089) 22 64 99

Ghastly diagnosis, painful treatment or just a dose of the clap after an orgiastic outing to the Oktoberfest? Seek solace here where at least you know that everyone is as sorry for themselves as you. Squishy Käsesemmel for comfort or murky milky coffee as a pick-me-up and remember: you are not alone.
Ismaningerstr. 22, Phone: (089) 41 401

Got a rich daddy? Or even a sugar daddy? Or just got that bonus or tax refund? Have a pricey blow-out in a “box” at Osteria, the oldest Italian restaurant north of the Alps. The best food north of Bologna is served in surroundings loved by Richard Wagner and other less savory historical figures. Order freshly flown-in Mozzarellini and Spaghetti Bottarga. Boys, imagine you are Vittorio de Sica, and you girls must be Gina Lollobrigida! Booking is essential.
Schellingstr. 62, Phone: (089) 292 03 07

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