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Ian McMaster

Editor-in-Chief, Business Spotlight magazine:

An obvious choice, but this Haidhausen pub has consistently set the standard for Irish Gemütlichkeit in Munich. There’s great food—including their legendary fish and chips—and charming staff. It’s the place to be when key sporting events are on television. (Though my teams never win when I watch there!) I used to live opposite, and it became a second home.
Kellerstrasse 21, Phone: (089) 68 87 510,
Another Haidhausen favorite, this restaurant serves excellent food, including vegetarian dishes and organic meat and other products. It’s a good place to go on Sunday to read the papers. In summer, you can sit outside on the terrace and watch the passers-by in the charmingly narrow street.
Preysingstrasse 77, Phone: (089) 44 70 564

This park will always represent Munich in summer for me, having spent so much time here when I arrived 19 years ago. Cycle over and take a long stroll or jog through the beautiful surroundings. Or, sit outside at the Schlosscafe Palmenhaus. Late evening is a particularly magical time, when the tourist crowds have gone home.
Schloßcafe Palmenhaus, Phone: (089) 17 53 09,
Not far from the Nymphenburger Park, this restaurant in Neuhausen is a great meeting place for friends or business partners. It’s spacious and has good background music: the only place I‘ve heard Ryan Adams played in Munich. (Yes, that’s Ryan, not Bryan.) Though the food selection is limited, all are excellent, including salads and Tom Kha Gai (Thai chicken) soup. There’s also a small beer garden.
Volkartstrasse 77. Phone: (089) 16 13 73

Not a soccer fan? Doesn’t matter. A visit to Munich‘s sporting landmark is a must. Proof of its cult status is that hundreds of visitors take photos with their cellphones at night, when the stadium is lit red (Bayern Munich), blue (TSV 1860) or white (international games). Only a killjoy wouldn’t be impressed. Take a tour, or even catch a game. But fill up first: Food options are limited, and there’s a complicated pre-payment system.
U-Bahn: Fröttmanning.

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