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Erica Gingerich

International Media Relations at Munich Airport:

One look at the portions and a quick glance at the prices on the menu, and you’ll be convinced that you’ve somehow warped out of Munich. The prices are amazingly reasonable (and the food is like home cooking) at my favorite Greek place in Munich—Lucullus—a hidden gem in Untergiesing that´s right around the corner from the Schyrenbad. The huge outdoor seating area is perfect for an after-swim uzo and gyros plate.
Birkenau 31, Phone: (089) 66 29 51

When the guys running Myra get to know you after a few visits, there’s NO WAY you’ll be allowed to just walk by without stopping to chat, or to have a quick prosecco to beat the heat. This Turkish/Mediterranean restaurant is cozy in the winter, but really blossoms in the summer with its outdoor café flair. Try the warm or cold starter plate—a meal in itself!
Pestalozzistr. 32, Phone: (089) 26 01 83 84,
This is THE place to spend a long summer afternoon daydreaming or writing in your journal when you play hooky from work. With everyone flirting in French and the sassy striped table umbrellas, sipping white wine at this bistro feels like a mini-vacation to the south of France.
Sebastianplatz 3, Phone: (089) 26 94 91 20

If you’re heading back to the city after a bike ride or walk in the Isartal, make sure you’re on the Flaucherpark side of the river so that you can experience this Italian ice cream parlor on Röcklplatz. There’s a cool and shady playground for the kids, and while the ice cream treats are pretty good, the people-watching is even better. A great way to end a lazy Sunday afternoon.
Ehrengutstr. 23, Phone: (089) 76 32 19

If you don’t own a yacht—yet!—paddleboating on Ammersee is the next best thing. You can paddle around, or stop to take a dip; it’s my favorite way of exploring the lake! No matter where you rent your Tretboot—I like to go to the surfer dude on the promenade at Herrsching—once you’re out on the water you will feel like Leo DiCaprio in “Titanic”—The king of the world! Make sure to take something to eat and drink so you don’t have return to being a landlubber too soon.

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