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Susan Dzieduszycka-Suinat

President and CEO of the Overseas Vote Foundation,
Bar Centrale has a love-it or hate-it atmosphere. It’s cozy and friendly, but has an element of trendiness that puts some off. The space is limited, but for fans that adds to its appeal. The concise menu of fresh pasta dishes always delights.
Ledererstr. 22, Phone: (089) 22 37 62

The dark wood paneling in this smoky bar and restaurant lends the place a historic air. I like to hunker down with a glass of rich red wine and the Argentinean steak; it feels like it goes directly to the bloodstream! In the middle of or after a long work week, it’s just the place to go with a close friend to trade views about all the week’s events.
Kardinal-Faulhaber-Str. 11, Phone: (089) 20 80 21 80

Everything here is truly French—even the water! You can practice yours with the impeccable waitstaff. The culinary delights are fresh and trendy, and the wine alone is worth a visit. Don’t forget to reserve.
Kirchenstr. 5, Phone: (089) 47 55 33

I’m not sure I should give away the secret of the historic garden café at the Lenbachhaus. The quiet spot is perfect for a dreamy lunch after a morning stroll through the gallery.
Luisenstr. 33, Phone: (089) 523 72 14

I’ll never stop adoring Germany for the markets and the Germans for relishing them. Lunch on a busy Saturday at Viktualienmarkt reminds me of the essence of life: good food and good people. Stroll the stands for a good hunk of cheese, a few fresh rolls, some spicy olives and Jägerwurst to complement an icy-cold beer, and sit yourself smack in the middle of the beer garden to people-watch. It’s particularly lovely when the dappled sunlight comes through the leaves of the old chestnut trees.

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