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Michael Dickinson

Owner-manager of Just Travel,
“French” doesn’t just have to mean “expensive;” and French Colonial is more than just Caribbean and creole, At Makassar, sample reasonably-priced Polynesian and seafood, in addition to lamb provençale. Paintings, photographs and decorations supplied by multi-talented owner Roger Baranda provide a cozy backdrop to this singular dining experience. Many recipes come from the time when Roger served as master chef for Jacques Cousteau aboard the Calypso. The acrats de morue, coconut soup, and market-fresh fish and meats even caught Brad Pitt’s eye—he was a regular for a short time. The beef tartare is just as scrumptious as the staff. But, don't let their flirtations distract you from the pleasures of the table!
Dreimühlenstr. 25, Phone: (089) 77 69 59,
Not that Shoya in the city center, or that other one either. Our Shoya in the Schlachthofviertel is the best of the lot, with great lunch specials, a showy teppanyaki grill, and a rarity in Munich: deep-fried soft-shelled crab.
Ehrengutstr. 27, Phone: (089) 76 70 23 22

This Italian bistro started out serving quick hearty meals to the truck drivers delivering goods in the Grossmarkthalle. Discovered next by the buyers for grocery stores and restaurants, it became an insider tip for anyone who doesn’t mind sitting on bar stools, elbow-to-elbow with diners from all walks of life, enjoying the daily specials, superb pastas and seafood, great wines, and Munich’s best thin crust pizza. Adjoining the restaurant is the newly renovated pasticceria Bussone, with coffee, snacks, sandwiches, and pastries.
Thalkirchnerstr. 126, Phone: (089) 72 11 229,
By now a part of Munich's cultural heritage, Yol has been a reliable standby for good Turkish food served in a pub atmosphere. The mixed appetizer platter, or anything from the menu of daily specials will satisfy any craving. Fish is featured twice a week, and, on occasion, belly-dancers.
Ehrengutstr. 21, Phone: (089) 77 95 62

I had my doubts going to a Chinese restaurant that used to be a Balkan eatery with a bowling alley in the basement. However, all six of the members of my party ordered something different, and each was convinced that his dish was better than anything else on the menu. The crispy duck really was just that, and the Thai dishes were authentic. It’s been a long time since I was excited by a Chinese restaurant, but this new one has quality and flair. Let’s hope it lasts.
Dreimühlenstr. 11, Phone: (089) 45 21 72 72,
We don't just have foreign specialties, but local ones as well. The best around is the restaurant of the Augustiner brewery, Mundart. Owner Thomas “Ebbi” Eberlein turns out the best Schweinebraten and traditional Bavarian specialties, wild game, and also seasonal dishes using fresh local ingredients. If a Greek vegetarian moussaka or American-style hamburger appears on the menu, it’s probably because Eberlein was inspired to improve on something he tried elsewhere. And he always succeeds!
Reifenstuelstr. 1, Phone: (089) 76 70 11 13,
This is not a restaurant, but at this small shop you can still sample Italian wines, oils, pasta and seasonings picked up by Giorgio from his home-town of Bassano del Grappa. Stand at a small table and enjoy an espresso, prosecco or grappa elbow-to-elbow with the neighbors, while listening to Giorgio wax poetic about his specialty products. (Or, if you’re lucky, about photography, travel, philosophy and more.) If there were more space, this would be an artists’ hangout. There is not a huge choice here, but everything is fine, and decision-making is easy.
Dreimühlenstr. 12, Phone: (089) 77 13 88,

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