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This stylish Italian restaurant serves the best pizza in town with microthin crusts and sumptuous, unusual toppings. A delicious and unusual variety of antipasti is also sure to please. The waitstaff is attentive, the clientele friendly—you might even carry on a conversation with the people at a neighboring table.
Rumfordstrasse 34, Phone: (089) 21 01 90 60

This is the way almost all bookstores used to be: shelves overflowing with books and books stacked all over the place. Some people would browse, others sought advice, while others conversed, but everyone always got just what they needed—if the store didn’t have it, it would arrive in the next day’s shipment. Herr Perthel always has great reading suggestions, and even a small English section. This place makes book shopping fun again.
Rosenheimerstrasse 12, Phone: (089) 45 87 99 09

This shop is a small Munich outfitter selling casual, comfortable, quality clothing at affordable prices. Frau “Kandismann” travels to Africa to find unique, handwoven material, from which she creates stylish jackets for Munich’s ladies, which can be purchased at the Afrika & House at Hohenzollernstrasse 50, across from her shop.
Residenzstrasse 23, Hohenzollernstrasse 29 and Zentnerstr.5

This small, marvelously aromatic jewel of a tea shop at Westenriederstrasse 16 will draw you into another world. Enjoy a complementary cup from the house samovar and get great advice from courteous staff. Here you will find a straightforward selection of high-quality teas from every well-known growing region in the world—minus the fake flavors. If you ever need to find just the right gift for a true tea aficionado, you will always find one here.
Westenriederstrasse 16, Phone: (089) 29 16 16 91

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