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Turkish: Pardi

Pardi is one of the few places in Munich where one can start the day with a genuine Turkish breakfast. The Anadolu platter (€ 8.10) comprises scrambled eggs, pastirma (air-dried ham), kizartma (fried eggplant and zucchini), homemade jam, butter and pide bread. A sweeter option is the Oriental breakfast (€ 8.40), made of scrambled eggs with dates served on a pita, with yogurt, figs and honey, as well as Helva butter and jam. Throughout the day until 1 am, Pardi serves classic Turkish cuisine. Mashed eggplant with yogurt, herbs and garlic are served as Patlican Ezme (€ 5.50). Both Cacik (yoghurt with cucumbers and garlic, € 4.90) and Tarama (roe paste, € 5.30) reveal the influences of the Mediterranean kitchen. Vegetarians will be thrilled with Sebzeli Karniyarik (€ 12.20)—an eggplant au gratin filled with fresh spinach, carrots and pine nuts, garnished with rice and a yogurt sauce. The selection for meat lovers is considerably larger. Aside from lamb, there are also refined chicken, turkey and veal creations. Chicken wrapped in slices of baked eggplant with rice and yogurt (€ 12.90) competes with a veal roulade filled with apricots, apples and chestnuts (€ 12.90). Sütlac (€ 4.50)—a rice pudding—rounds at a dinner at Pardi, where the interior design tastefully combines modern lounge elements with traditional Arabic ornamentation.
Opening hours:
Daily 9 am–1 am

Volkartstr. 24
80634 Munich

How to get there:
U1 Rotkreuzplatz

Phone: (089) 13 18 50

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