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Russian: Puschkin

A visit to Puschkin, named after the world-famous Russian author, transfers you back to glamorous czarist times. A lot of wood, red velvet, and moss-green walls adorned with Russian icons especially painted for the restaurant create a pleasant atmosphere. A wooden booth invites visitors to lounge on large comfortable cushions while listening to Russian music from the 1930s. Luckily, it is the food that makes a stay at Puschkin worth its while. Traditional hearty dishes dominate the menu. Often named after Alexander Pushkin’s works, salads, beef, and fish are the main ingredients. Meerjungfrau (€ 3.90), for example, alludes to the author’s play “Mermaid” and has inspired an appetizer of herring, vegetables, and plums. Eugen Onegin (€ 7.50) is a salad bowl with shrimp, rice, eggs, carrots, and cucumber. Surprisingly, the cutlet Kiev style (€ 13.90) is a tender piece of chicken coated with breadcrumbs, served with a butter sauce, potatoes and salad. Naturally, classic Beef Stroganoff (€ 17) also makes an appearance. Along with the food, Puschkin offers a selection of Eastern European wine and beer. The restaurant’s special beverage, however, is Kwas—a brew of rye and malt. Finally for all of those, whose love for all things Russian is lubricated with a glass of vodka, Puschkin offers an exquisite selection of the cult liquor.
Opening hours:
Tues.–Sun., 5 am–11 pm

Luisenstr. 75
80798 Munich

How to get there:
U2 Theresienstr.

Phone: (089) 52 33 544

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