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Bangladeshi: Sonar Bangla

Germany’s very first Bangladeshi restaurant! The name Sonar Bangla was inspired by the national anthem of Bangladesh, and the kitchen pays similarly proud tribute to its roots. In comparison to more familiar Indian food, Bangladeshi dishes are milder, yet more generously spiced. Yoghurt, coconut milk and curry appear in many dishes, as well as fish and prawns, which are a Bangladeshi delicacy. Central to the menu (also available in English) are the Tandoori concoctions (€ 10–15.90) featuring assorted marinated food grilled in a traditional clay oven. Other recommended entrées include the 14 different “Special Recipes,” which come with fish or meats and saffron basmati rice (€ 11.90–15.90). Diners who prefer rice may want to indulge in a Biryani dish consisting of aromatic basmati rice served with chicken (€ 11.90), lamb (€ 12.90), vegetables (€ 10.90) or prawns (€ 15.90). Once you are seated at the noble hand-carved tables and look up from your plate at pictures of landscapes with tigers and elephants (the national symbols of Bangladesh).
Opening hours:
Daily 11:30 am–2:30 pm & 5:30 pm–11 pm

Theresienstr. 138
80333 Munich

How to get there:
U2/8 Theresienstr.

Phone: (089) 57 95 75 61

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