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Lebanese: Ksara

Diners sample authentic takes on the specialties of Lebanese cuisine in a classy Arabian atmosphere. Pictures with traditional motifs from the Arab world and windows imitating a view of the Lebanese mountains are hung on sand-colored walls between mirrors with heavy golden framing. First, ordering appetizers is a must! Cold starters include the Lebanese national salad, Tabbouleh (€ 5.50), which is made from parsley, tomatoes and wheat meal, seasoned to taste with lemon juice and olive oil. Ksara’s mash of chickpeas and sesame paste is one of the best Hommos (€5.50) in the city. Warm options include a baked dumpling filled with spinach, roasted pine nuts and onions called Fatajer (€ 5.50). Dschwaneh Dschededsch (€ 5.50) may sound complicated, but it is just a simple chicken wing marinated in garlic, coriander, thyme and lemon juice. Moving on to the main courses, the menu focuses on grilled lamb, chicken or fish (€ 11.50–17) flavored with Lebanese seasoning. Wash it all down with Lebanese wines (€ 18 per bottle), and top off your taste of the Middle East with Kaschta (€ 3), a light panna cotta with orange blossom essence.
Opening hours:
Sun.–Thurs., 6 pm–1 am; Fri. & Sat., 6 pm–3 am

Haimhauserstr. 7
80802 Munich

How to get there:
U3/6 Münchner Freiheit

Phone: (089) 33 08 82 99

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