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Greek/International: Attentat Griechischer Salat

Both, the restaurant's rather explicit logo and its name that can be roughly translated as ''A Greek Salad's Assassination'', may be misleading. Nothing is brutal about this new tavern in the heart of the Giesing district. No tongues will be slashed, not even metaphorically. Quite on the contrary, Attentat Griechischer Salat is a cheerful place with tasteful furnishing and one of the first trendy eateries in the district that has been spared gentrification until recently. However, the restaurant's name at least hints at the main focus of the menu. Dishes are inspired by Greek meals, all of which are served in modern cuisine variations on a salad basis. The offerings are solid and affordable—the perfect spot for an informal weekday dinner!
Opening hours:
Daily 5:30 pm-1 am

Zugspitzstr. 10
81541 Munich

How to get there:
Tram 15/25 Ostfriedhof

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