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Bar: Nage und Sauge

Nage und Sauge is not really a bar you would just stumble across. Tucked away down a side street opposite Mariannenplatz in Lehel, it is definitely somewhere worth making a special journey to. On first impressions, the small but always busy bar may look a little too young and trendy for some tastes. However, as you get deeper into the place and round the corner to the bar area, you realize that the clientele is pretty diverse—from young professionals to students to older locals. The atmosphere is one that many trendier bars can only dream of—lively without being too loud to talk, and an air of relaxed cool. The secret seems to be in the interior. It is perfect for people who have had enough of the clean, polished look of a lot of fashionable Munich bars. In fact, it almost looks a bit grubby in comparison, but it is refreshing to go somewhere that looks so uncontrived: wooden tables, plain walls (apart from some funky hand-painted graphics) and friendly, attentive staff. The food is simple—mainly salads, sandwiches and pasta—but all very tasty and excellent value for money. The drinks menu is not so simple, just because of the huge choice. However, if in doubt, the closing-your-eyes-and-pointing-at-a-random-something method usually works extremely well! The music is an eclectic mix to say the least—it must depend on who’s behind the bar at the time, as there is no DJ—but is always great. And the restrooms...ah, the restrooms! They look rather space-age, with surfboard-shaped doors. Drinks are reasonably priced, with cocktails costing € 6–7. The beer is served in glasses that are almost the shape and size of a British pint.
Opening hours:
Daily 5 pm–1 am

Mariannenstr. 2
80538 Munich

How to get there:
Tram 17 Mariannenplatz

Phone: (089) 29 88 03

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