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Bar: Valentinsstüberl

Spot this place from the other side of the road and you’re likely to give it a miss. For, by all accounts, it looks and sounds like an old man’s boozer: An old wooden bar, not a lot of furniture—a very “unstyled” look, in fact. Minimalist, before minimalist became cool, as it were. And yet there’s something about it that makes you want to stay. Something that can neither be bought nor styled—yes, it’s got atmosphere. Everyone here is having a good time. Laid back, but happy. The music is equally unpretentious. With tunes ranging from “The Monster Mash” to a spot of soul and funk, it’s almost as if the DJ’s thrown a few things together with his eyes closed.
Opening hours:
Sun.–Thurs., 6 pm–1 am: Fri. & Sat., 6 pm–2 am.

Dreimühlenstr. 28
80469 Munich

How to get there:
Bus 152 Ehrengutstr.

Phone: (089) 76 75 70 58

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