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Violin-making Museum Mittenwald

In the 1680s Matthias Klotz (1653–1743) returned from Italy to his hometown Mittenwald with the craftwork of violin-making. Klotz had studied with the famed Nicola Amati, among whose pupils were Andrea Guarneri and most likely Antonio Stradivari. In Mittenwald Klotz became the founder of a craftsmanship tradition that has lasted until today. In 1930, the house in which Klotz was born was turned into a violin-making museum. Along with an exhibition on the town’s history, the museum gives insight to the art of violin-making and its specific development in Mittenwald. A comprehensive collection of violins and plucking instruments includes exhibits on baroque master Matthias Klotz, as well as on contemporary models from the town’s violin workshops.
Opening hours:
February 1-March 15, May 15-October 14, December 14-January 6
Tues.-Sun. 10 am-5 pm

January 7-January 31, March 16-May 14, October 15-November 4
Tues.-Sun. 11 am-4 pm

Ballenhausgasse 3
82481 Mittenwald

Phone: (08823) 25 11

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